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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  June 2, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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the sentences are in for phillip and nancy garrido as we hear a same from jaycee dugard. they're getting what they deserve. that's a direct quote from an antioch neighbor. we're live in antioch with more reaction. breaking news, two firefighters injured late this morning in san francisco. details next on ktvu channel 2 news at noon. good afternoon. we start this noontime with
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breaking news. two firefighters have been injured while battling a fire in san francisco. let's get straight to david stephenson in the city with the latest. david. >> reporter: well, tori, i can actually update you now. we just receive add briefing from a pio with the fire department. we've learned three firefighters have been injured in this fire behind me. you can see some of the fire trucks and ambulances that responded to the scene here up in diamond heights just around -- just after 10:30. we shot some video of the scene. it is a home at 133 berkeley way. you can see some of the firefighters standing around the aftermath of this incident. that's what happened at 10:30 we're told a fire broke out, neighbors who were witnesses said three women came running out of the house that you see there asking for folks to call the fire department to call the police. we're told by witnesses that the fire grew steadily. a lot of smoke. a lot of flames. firefighters that responded to the scene were told in developed what's known as a flash point in which a fire
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grows so much seemingly everything catches fire and explodes into flames. right now you can see an aerial look from chopper 2 of the scene. the firefighters still on the scene. we've just learned as i've said the three firefighters were injured responding to this fire. neighbors, again, tell us that firefighters were brought out with burns on their arms and have been taken to san francisco general right now. we're waiting further word on their conditions. right now the firefighters are still checking out the scene making sure there are no flames in place here. no other hot spots. but it has shaken the firefighters and the folks who witnessed this fire this morning. we will have more details on this fire coming up later on in this afternoon. right now we have some sound from a neighbor who described what she saw this morning. >> firemen came within two or three minutes. one fire truck but the fire grew so fast. so it was really pouring out of the garage. >> reporter: and you can see some of the pictures that were sent in to channel 2 from
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neighbors who witnessed this fire and the firefighters response to it. again, we are told that three firefighters were injured in this fire, taken to san francisco general. early word was that two were in critical condition, we're waiting to confirm that at the hospital. and we'll bring you a live report later on in the day coming up on ktvu channel 2. for now reporting live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2. and another top story this noontime. the sentencing of phillip and nancy garrido. coming up we'll o go live to antioch where the couple lived for years. first we're live in placerville with the judge's decision and the statement read in court from victim jaycee dugard. ken. >> reporter: well, the sentence is for the garridos were part of a plea deal that had already been announced. there were really no surprises there. but having been in the courtroom i can tell you the real drama was the victim impact statements in which jaycee's mother who spoke before the court read a statement. she called the garridos evil and she also read a statement from her daughter. now jaycee's mother said she
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could always hear her daughter's cry, feel her daughter's pain. but only in her heart during jaycee's 18 years in captivity. she called both phillip and nancy garrido selfish and monstrous. the 1991 the garridos kidnapped then 11-year-old jaycee in south lake tahoe. in court we heard how phillip garrido used a taser to subdue the child. her mother, jaycee's mother, read a statement from jaycee. jaycee said she was angry that her life had been stolen and that phillip garrido was wrong in every way in everything he said. something she says she could not say during her captivity in which she was raped repeatedly giving birth to two daughters by garrido. now jaycee had nothing to say to nancy garrido, but before her 36 year to life sentence was read, nancy garrido's attorney read a statement to the dugard family. >> she said there's -- the words are not enough and what i did is evil and every time i look in the mirror reminds me
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of how evil i was. >> reporter: her attorney says that 36 to life sentence is essentially a life sentence that nancy garrido will never get out. that is certainly true for phillip garrido. the judge sentenced him to 431 years to life. the judge said to garrido that you lack a soul. at 5:00 we will have more from the victim impact statement both from jaycee dugard and jaycee dugard's mother. now we will send it to ktvu's jade hernandez who is near antioch near the former garrido home. jade. >> reporter: ken, we are here in antioch. and a few people that we spoke to today told us that they were satisfied that phillip garrido would spend the rest of his life behind bars. but a few women told us that nancy garrido deserved more jail time. the woman we spoke to lived behind phillip and nancy garrido's compound. she didn't want to speak to us on camera but told us the garridos are "getting what they
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deserve. and if we'd known anything was going on we'd been the first to call ." the reaction here over the garridos sentencing today are a mix of guilt, sadness and relief. for others stopping in at the bridgehead cafe not far from the garridos home the horror still reso nates for residents. >> i live right over there. so close to know that something so horrible would happen in antioch was just scary. just scary. >> reporter: phillip and nancy garrido were both in a placerville court for their sentencing today. 60-year-old garrido received 431 years to life. his wife, nancy, who is 55 years old, received 36 years. one of the uc berkeley officers who alerted garrido's parole officer about the two young girls accompanying garrido on the campus two years ago came to the sentencing as part of her healing process. the story took a different turn for her despite being credited for ending now 21-year-old jaycee dugard's nightmare. >> to hear what she went through the day she was abducted today was the first
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time i heard the details of that. and being a mother, i couldn't hold back my emotion on that. it was appalling what she went through. but what i would want to tell her is how amazed i am at how strong she is and continuing to be. >> reporter: we're live in front of the garridos house here in antioch. windows are boarded and a fence still surrounds the property. it will be a place the judge has made sure neither phillip nor nancy garrido will ever see again. reporting live in antioch, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, jade. you can see more video and hear more of the interviews from the placerville courthouse on there's also more background on the jaycee dugard kidnapping case. just go to the front page and click on the dugard kidnapping tab. hayward police are looking at cell phone records today in their search for michelle le. the 26-year-old nursing student was last seen friday evening walking to a parking garage.
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she never returned to finish her shift. and her honda suv was found locked a few blocks away. investigators say there's evidence that calls were made with her phone the day after she disappeared. they have interviewed family members and friends and they say they have identified four persons of interest. le's family is offering a $20,000 reward in this case. muni officials say they're trying to figure out why a metro train operator did not follow instructions and let passengers off the train after one of them became sick. muni smoke man says that during the morning commute a passenger threw up in a train at montgomery station. central control told the operator to empty the train and go to west portal station to get it cleaned up. instead the operator continued with a full train not stopping at powell or montgomery stations. >> for whatever reason the operator did not offload passengers and central control noticed that and instructed the operator to offload the
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passengers at vainnesses. >> officials are trying to determine why he did not stop. a new poll shows the majority of californians support governor brown's call for a special election to let voters decide whether to extend expiring taxes to close the state's budget deficit. 62% of likely voters say they want a special election. that's up from 56% a month ago. but it's not clear if they would vote to extend the taxes. 46% say they support the tax extension while 48% say they oppose them. it now seems more likely that san jose police officers will be laid off at the end of this month after contract talks broke down. city negotiators and the police union failed to reach agreement by midnight deadline last night. the city has already -- is already posed to lay off 122 police officers. without a contract deal an
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additional 156 officers may be laid off. the city council could order both sides back to the bargaining table before the layoffs become effective. ahead, the amazing story of a dog abused, buried and left for dead. wait until you hear how this terrible tale ends. and they're not sure what it was, but it caused the evacuation of a bay area courthouse this morning. enjoy the break for now. meteorologist mark will be here soon to tell you when the rain will return. also. i heard like rounds going off. >> an update on an east bay fire where ammunition became part of the story. and we're also continuing to follow the breaking news in san francisco where three firefighters are hurt after a late morning fire.
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several dozen oakland pudge customers are still without power. pg&e crews were called to 44th avenue around 3:30 this morning after a transformer blew. a police officer in the area reported seeing three flashes of light before an explosion. originally 1500 customers were without power. pg&e says everyone should have
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their power back by 2:00 this afternoon. an odd smell at the walnut creek courthouse prompted an evacuation is apparently not a natural gas leak. authorities evacuated the building and pg&e was called in around 8:30 this morning. crews found no leak. the contra costa county sheriff's office says it's not clear what's causing the smell or where it's coming from. it is still under investigation. east bay firefighters are investigating an explosive overnight fire that frightened residents. it happened at an apartment building on douglas lane near oak park boulevard. ktvu's kraig debro explains what caused the explosion in this report. >> reporter: this afternoon the people who live at the complex on douglas place are looking back at last night's fire and laughing. >> my son mom take all the stuff important. >> reporter: the tv. >> yeah. my wii, my play station. i said no. >> . >> pretty short night.
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it was exciting because nothing ever happens in this area. >> reporter: they can do that. this afternoon. but last night some of those same people scrambled to safer ground. contra costa fire protection district got the call around 10:30 last night when they arrived an apartment on the second floor was covered with flames. the situation made more dangerous when bullets owned by the renter started going off. >> i heard like rounds going off inside there. >> reporter: when bullets heat up and aren't projected by the hammer of a firearm, the shell pops off. police call it a cookoff. but it is not deadly dangerous. but the scene did scare residents. >> i was scared because you know the fire came ran all over so fast. and i take the kids and my nephews, they live upstairs. >> reporter: one of the two units hit by flames is gutted. the renter's property is in a pile covered by a blue tarp to protect against the june rain of all things.
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the cause of the fire was an electrical problem. in pleasant hill, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. mitt romney made it official this morning. >> i'm mitt romney. i believe in america. and i'm running for president. [ cheering and applause ] >> the former massachusetts governor made his announcement in new hampshire, a state that will hold a key early primary election in romney's run for the republican nomination. in his speech today romney said three years ago americans gave someone new a chance and wished him well. but the three years later barack obama has failed america. quite a few clouds in place. even a few light showers across parking lots of the bay area this morning. here's our camera looking towards the south bay. san jose reporting temperature of 65 degrees. you can see the scattered clouds over the hills. basically going to hold onto this theme as we head into the afternoon hours. here's a look from up above with the help of live storm
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tracker 2 showing you the cloud cover up in the north bay also right around concord, san jose and san francisco. the latest ground observations reporting for the most part partly cloudy skies. and the overall weather story for today somewhat of a break but just a chance of a few showers. tomorrow increasing clouds, showers redeveloping in the weekend. we're still tracking a storm that will bump up our rain chances. and we could be talking about at least a potential for some heavy rain as we head into the first weekend of june. current numbers just updated. santa rosa 59. fairfield 63. livermore 65. and san francisco in the upper 50s right around 58 degrees. the satellite and radar you can see the system that moves across the bay area yesterday. even this morning upstream in the flow this is what we'll be watching as we do head into your friday. so for today partly to mostly cloudy skies with just a chance of a shower. as we do head into friday we'll gradually thicken up the cloud cover especially for tomorrow afternoon and showers could be developing. we do bring in the chance tomorrow afternoon. but especially between about 4:00 and 8:00 tomorrow night.
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all that is an advance of this area of low pressure and the exact track still a bit uncertain. going to be a big factor in our forecast as we head into the weekend. but a fairly good bet of some rain clouds pushing into the bay area over saturday and then sunday period. here we go with our cloud and rainfall forecast model. you can see into friday the clouds gradually on the increase. and then a little bit of activity just offshore and those showers could be moving into the region for friday afternoon. for today though for your thursday a sun-cloud mix at 3:00. upper 50s to upper 60s. by 7:00 partly cloudy. 55 to right around 60 degrees. and by 10:00 tonight partly cloudy. those temperatures back down into the 50s. here's a look at the numbers. warmest location approaching the upper 60s to right around 70 degrees. today a little warmer than yesterday. san mateo right around 64. half-moon bay 59. and here is the look ahead. we're heading into the first weekend of june and we're still talking about some rain clouds. potential for some significant rainfall as you can see into saturday and also into sunday. chance of a few showers into
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monday. but then, tori, i think the light at the end of the tunnel into next week we could be talking about warmer temperatures. this weekend we'll have to keep an eye on the exact track of that storm because it's still a bit uncertain and a key factor at least in the forecast for the next few days. thank you, mark. and we want to give an update now on the breaking news we told you about at the start of this newscast. two firefighters injured while battling a fire in the diamond heights neighborhood of san francisco. let's go back to david. have you learned anything new? >> reporter: i have. take a look behind me. you can see the cluster of firefighters and ambulances behind me. it's thinned considerably in the last ten minutes. this is still an active investigation. take a live look right now from news chopper 2 which is hovering above the scene at 133 berkeley way. a fire broke out here just after about 10:30. firefighters responded at 10:45. no one was -- none of the residents inside were injured, but we have learned that three firefighters were injured. two have been taken to san francisco general. a third was expected to be
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taken there shortly. let's take a look at the scene from the ground. pictures we shot just under about 15 or 20 minutes ago. you can see a number of the firefighters still on the ground examining the scene. there are neighbors standing around. it is a four story structure we've learned that broke out in flames just around 10:30, 10:40 or so. firefighters responded just about ten minutes ago. we got a briefing from a firefighter public information officer. she described for us what happened next. >> all the residents were evacuated. there were four people at home at the time. so there were no civilian injuries. however, during the course of the fire operations what's being reported in some firefighters witnessed a flash. and as a result of that we have three firefighters that are injured. two of them have been transported to the hospital. the third will be going to the hospital. and this is going to be a
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lengthy investigation and so we're just asking for your patience right now. and of course you know your prayers for our members. >> reporter: now these are some pictures obtained by ktvu channel 2 from neighbors who were on the scene. you can see the immediate aftermath of that fire. the injured being taken away. we've learned that the firefighters have suffered smoke inhalation and some burns on their skin. right now we have a crew standing by at san francisco's general hospital. we hope to learn more about their condition and be able to bring that news to you a little later on this afternoon on the ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. but for now what we know is no residents were injured, three firefighters injured and taken to the hospital in san francisco. reporting live in san francisco, david stephenson, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. thank you, david. and we'll have more right after this. stay with us.
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live look at wall street. fast growing daily deals for groupon. highly anticipated public offering. potential value of $750 million. stocks are still mixed. there is some good news about a plan for greece to pay off its mountain of debt. dow currently down 17. nasdaq is up 8. s&p 500 is flat. we have breaking news now from yuma, arizona, where schools around the county and the county courthouse are on lockdown at this hour. five people have been killed in a series of shootings in the area. again, in yuma, arizona.
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here are just a few of the locations. most are outside downtown, but one was in yuma proper. it all began around 9:30 this morning. the yuma sun is reporting that the series of shootings are connected though they are not saying how just yet. late this morning the white house says no official u.s. government e-mail accounts were accessed during what google alleges was chinese hacking of its e-mail systems. obama spokesman says the f.b.i. is investigating google's allegations but had no comment on whether china was involved. google says personal g mail accounts of several hundred people including senior u.s. government officials, military personnel and political activists were exposed. google claims it tracked the attacks to the same military vocational school in china linked to a google attack 17 months ago. china denies any wrong doing. today first lady michelle obama helped unveil a replacement for the food pyramid. mrs. obama attended the unveiling of the new my plate
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food icon at the department of agriculture in washington d.c. the plate is broken into four parts to show grains, proteins, fruits and vegetables. the new plate icon replaces the old food pyramid. many nutritionists say the pyramid is hard for people to understand and they believe the plate is a more real-life way to help people make healthy food choices. an abused dog is recovering from a surprising act of animal cruelty. we have to warn you, the images may be disturbing. the female mixed breed named star was found buried up to her nose on the tiny island nation of malta. her legs and snout tied. officers investigating another case heard her whimpering of a board use today cover her grave. removed 40 pellet rounds from her skull. many people are calling for tougher animal cruelty laws because of this. officials say the dog is getting offers from around the world for adoption. san francisco's palace of fine arts has a new resident
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swan. meet march that. this is video we shot this morning. the young swan is only a few days old. she happened on memorial day. the mother, blanch, still has three more eggs but they still don't know if those eggs will hatch. that will do it for us. our next newscast is at ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. thanks for watching. have a great day.
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